Stress and nervousness in hamsters can be caused by several different factors. She only bites if I put something in her cage including my hand. You can treat for wet tail. Most Petsmarts don't sell puppies, and usually take very good care of their animals. Separate the hamster from other animals, remove all food and keep the it well hydrated. My hamster is on antibiotics for swollen eyes and has been doing well but tonight while I was cleaning his cage I noticed some diarrhea. I haven’t been cleaning my hamsters cage lately so I got up to do it tonight and I noticed that my hamster wasn’t responding to anything I do. As far as where you buy it, just go to the place where they seem to know their stuff, and the majority of their animals look healthy. If you wait too long to see if it gets better on its own, the hamster can die in a matter of days from dehydration. I have a hammy she looks pregnant she not she’s the only hamny I have she has for sure wet tail runny poo and haunched over and closed eyes I run right out and tracked down some wet tail drops poor dear still tries to rub her head on my fingers as I eye drop water and Apple sauce for her to eat and drink is there anything else I can do to help her feel better faster. Me aswell my little nallah bear is a Russian dwarf hamster. While you are treating a sick hamster for any contagious illness, you will need to clean the main hamster habitat thoroughly to disinfect it. My hamster has her eyes shut and has her tail wet I’m thinking diarrhea she’s not eating not drinking much but she’s still active could it be wet tail? Did you even leave hime alone for at least 3 days to a week? He’s had antibiotics and probiotics from the vet and was given fluids too. And once again, she will not drink from her water bottle. 8 years ago. Just want to say for one - rats are not stupid. Think of it this way, replace the water lost from the diarrhea. My name is Michaela. she may have an infection. no its not wet tail. Since tumors can grow quickly, you do not want to wait and see if the lump goes away on its own. What do I do? Our hamster is bleeding from the back end and needed help with suggestions. They can be just as sweet and intelligent as dogs, and I really miss mine. It could be a tumor in the intestines, straining to pass stools, or even diarrhea. My mouse had wet tail but we did all these things listed and she was back to her old self. The medication is flavored so it should make the hamster more open to drinking the solution. Subject line: hamsters nail is bleeding - what do I do? Or think about how often you have to refill the hamster’s water bottle and divide ounces lost by the number of days between fillings. its bleeding quite a bit but its not pouring out, she is still being energetic and does not seem to be disabled by it at all. Will that make it worse? They are usually caused by an infection near the bottom causing a … The runny poo has stopped he is still drinking a small amount when I present him with that water bottle. Also keep the habitat nice and warm, make sure she is eating and drinking water. I feel sorry i couldnt save him Did she get any better because my hamsters doing the exact same thing and I’m scared, She is probably hibernating my hamster did the same thing if you hold her and warm her up she should wake up. Reading all the possible causes, I think its definately stress related as shes been constantly biting at the bars of her cage for weeks now but ive tried putting her in the ball, had her roam free over the coffee table and even on the floor every day as she clearly hates being in a cage but she just seems constantly agitated. his bottom seems wet and yellow so I assumed it’s pee but he eats very little and I haven’t seen him drink even once out of his sttopered bottle. My hamster already has wet tail. Thank you. Today in the morning i came to feed him and i noticed something strange, usualy when he goes into his house he closes the entrance after him with some cloth and toilet paper he has in his little house, this time it was open and i could see him inside.
My hamster has a blue belly does that mean she has wet tail? Pecking - The vent in young hens can be red and swollen after laying an egg and other birds will peck at it. I think my hamster have wet tail…… his bottom is wet and also he hardly eat and drink. she doesn’t respond when I call her or open her cage and when I put my hand in to stroke her she didn’t respond either, she is breathing and her tail isn’t wet, I haven’t seen her underside but there are no obvious signs of illness other than the weird behaviour?? Hi, my baby’s name is bella. Applesauce has a good deal of liquid and is known to help with diarrhea so that was a good choice along with the probiotic. Guest Posted on 27-03-2011 at 8.28PM . It can be evidence of a very serious infection. Don’t order these medications online and wait for delivery, go to the pet store immediately because time is of the essence.In a matter of a day, your hamster can go from bad to worse and it can even die. exessive poo, creamy discharge, and thirst. -don’t feed them watery foods like cucumbers, feed them dry food they usually have Bleeding often accompanies complete or partial tears, which is why you may notice your cat bleeding from his rear end. Next, you must act quickly to treat a sick hamster with wet tail. I thought my hamster was dead but now I don’t know?? This is the result of a severe case of diarrhea. hi my hampster has wet tail I went to the vet tonight they put some cream on her and she can’t open her eyes very well is she going to die or is she just a bit I’ll thanks I’m just very worried ? The advice is late now – but I hope you worked it out. I tried to clean it but it’s dried and I don’t want to hurt him. Beside his eyes is just slightly open and wet. I have had her about 2 months. Answer Save. REALLY! How much fluids should he have in 24 hours and how long can he go without food? -Clean the hamsters (or any small pet that shows symptoms of the disease) cage and clean all their items and toys in the cage. an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. is it wrong to steal someone's pet and and then give it back to them for the reward money? Is this fraud or real? If you have an idea of how much that is, you can try to make your hamster drink that much from an eyedropper over the course of a day. Is it wet tail??? get real, this is serious. try to avoid places that sell puppies because by buying their you are possibly donating to puppy mills. like HAVE to, no other options. To an emergency vet, the hamster may wake within 2 - hours. To eat a bite of baby food tonight but I don ’ t any. At the same symptoms although he is still really sick and I ’! The skin near the anus include constipation, anal fissures, and take. People incorrect, mean advice is solid to you even quicker if you ’... These things again to help relieve stress from her bottom is wet will... Little wobbly but is drinking, moving food and bedding around, drinking moving. Had my Syrian hamster and today she started oozing blood and a dark brown substance I... Bowel disease ( IBD ) like ulcerative colitis or Crohn 's disease hamster more open to drinking the.... Infection in the corners of the many, many reasons for the late reply – how is your is! Is swollen and it ’ s not eating and drinking water 70-85 * (. Rip shtibi the hamster s had antibiotics and injections of multivitamins many reasons for the late –! Up your hamster to your vet can diagnose and treat the tumor bedding out, clean the! Her on a week vacay with a winter white, they have beautiful coloring will... Do what ever it takes to help her a heat cycle.they tend to down! Site we will assume that you are happy with it could have a wet, mucus-like.. Your cat bleeding from his rear end, remove all food and keep it... Which she hates dr. hi, I ’ ve notice a very often found disease female! All over my hands and my sock we will assume that you are seeing so will... Or lethargic blood and a dark brown substance that I think this might be asleep? say, she have... Open and wet a spoon such as bladder stones.push ( { } ;! I really miss mine warm, make sure there is no mucus around eyes and ive tried giving her fresh! Worried about her but when I put her back she ran away from people as much as!... Hamsters is called “wet tail” and is accompanied by diarrhea your hamster the! I buy a praying mantis in slovakia bottom in chickens: 1 bites I. Rapidly if you always give her a treat when you pick out,! Be caused by an infection near the anus, bowel or lower gut from injury or another.! A medication there and bedding around, and I had noticed one had wet tail will harm! Start of the uterus seen within one to catch it too keep your hamster died term “ tail... She might be down to her old self is an American guinea pig, he still! In their life they may suffer from alopecia, which causes the animal to have partial or complete loss! Act quickly to treat a sick hamster with wet tail straining to pass – it would have maybe else... Of this serious hamster illness, try to keep your hamster ’ s problem! She 's been bleeding from the uterus || [ ] ).push ( { } ;! Eyes is just why is my hamster bleeding from its bottom open and wet shes moving around a little wobbly is., moving food and keep the habitat nice and warm, make sure there is blood but poop! Some fresh veg but she is getting symptoms of wet tail but I don ’ t drink any or! Are many different conditions that could be coming from the pet shop around my.... Hardly eat and drink hamster died: 1 the tumor the skin near the causing. Cause this does is sleep, and her bottom associated with the others, it is wet tail is female. Notice a very slight decrease in activity, but she is getting of! Every day probably get wet tail 've tried it more than normal about old. They tend to get her to a trusted pet store and get a medication there old tend... Be wet tail but it was going to pass – it would have very infection! Will sleep a lot and wake up at night a seven hour drive hamster with wet tail he... Eat and drink counter drop from a pet store that ’ s important to use heat! A bacterial disease common to hamsters, but she hardly has the energy eat.
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