1 sub (p3d2-12) rated at 600 watts DVC @ 2 ohms My 1st purchase from you was 40 years ago when installing a stereo in my 74 Toyota. Maybe you even need to replace that fuse holder too. My amp also had an RMS output of 1200w x 1channel at 4ohms but states bridged. Mike, 4-gauge power and ground wires will work fine for that amplifier, although its proximity to the battery and Class D operation should allow 8-gauge to work as well. Ryan, You are correct. What gauge speaker wire should I use for this setup? A typical Class AB amplifier is about 50% efficient, which means about half of the power it generates is turned into audio output while the other half of the power is lost as heat. The 2 gauge is 18 ft long. The higher the number - the thinner the wire. I am looking at installing 2 kicker marine amps, 4 channels each in my boat, both the 44KXMA400.4. In order to operate correctly, an amplifier needs its power and ground wiring to be large enough to accommodate its demand for electrical current. Not between the battery and fuse holder. I'm going to get an XS battery but I'm still deciding which I should get. It is a 2 channel amp. Negative d block is three 8 gauge inputs to one 4 gauge output grounded to the car (one Input unused).Now I am upgrading my amp to a Kicker CXA600.1 (2016 model), which will be ran at 2 ohms. 1800 watt amp on 0 gauge wire... what size fuse do I need on 0 gauge, Joshua Roy C Sanchez from Manila, Philippines. A great all-in-one solution in your case would be to get a dual amp wiring kit, like Crutchfield's CKD4. To test a circuit, expose the wire leading to the load side of a circuit breaker. Please check with your electrical inspector or a licensed electrician for the proper wire size. After college, I joined a rock 'n roll band as the soundman and learned how to lug around and operate the gear that helps make music sound good and loud. I should have made myself clear. Jone, This article is about what size wire to use for power and ground connections for amplifiers. Mike, If you are replacing the receiver in your car you need a wiring harness to connect between the new receiver's harness-plug and your vehicle's harness-plug - there should be no need to run any wire to the fuse box. The MTX TE504amp has (2) 25A fuses, the JBL GTX500 amp has (2) 25A fuses. Manual did say use an 80amp fuse, read your post saying it's ok to go a bit over (remember amp kit I bought came with 100amp fuse). With all things equal except amplifiers, what's better for 4 door speakers and a single sub, a single 5 channel amp or a 4 channel + a 1 channel? Why is it that all your recommendations exceed what is considered safe in 310.15 b 16. You won't know whether or not you'll need a second battery until after the sub amp installation you experience light dimming during big bass hits. I'm using a 4 gauge wiring kit from Starsound audio the car is roughly 11ft long the first amplifier for my subwoofer is a TG-10000d1 Targa monoblock amplifier rated to 2500 watts RMS at 1ohm stable the subwoofer is a Targa TG-VM7000 dual 2ohm voice coils rated to 2500watts RMS 10inch the second amplifier is a XTC audio da brat series 3000 watt 4 channel amplifier which I'm using to run the standard door speakers and works perfectly but my problem is the mono amplifier if I plug in both RCA leads into the amplifier it totally stops playing the woofer the woofer is wired to 1ohm so that it can run if I remove 1 of the RCA leads it starts playing again is my 4gauge wiring enough or should I go to 0gauge because I veel it should be playing louder and stronger could you please give me advice as what to do. Let me know if I missed any details. For instance, a 4x100 rms amp gets me just under 60 amperes, which at a ten foot or under power wire length should be okay per the chart. That amp will probably blow that sub to smithereens. Thank you for your time. Someone please help me!!!!!!!!! I always got them back together again and working. This amount of current means your amplifiers are capable of 2,760+ watts RMS output. i plan on running a 2000w rms sundown audio amp to power 2 sa-12 subwoofers, with each sub getting 1000w each what gauge speaker wire should i use for this set up? Sorry so long just wanna be detailed in case someone can give me a straight answer which I've had absolutely no luck on!!!! John, You can run 8- or 4-gauge wire from the battery to the distribution block in your setup. Then between the distribution block and each amp, I have planned a 40amp ANL for the smaller, and a 150 ANL for the larger. How do you hook it up? We've watched turntables go in and out of style, but our love of hi-fidelity has never stopped. So realistically I have approximately 23 feet or power wire. Which all blew up after a couple minutes of music. And what gauge 1-2ft away from the fused block to each amp? Choose the copper size according to the specific amper you need. We've been putting gear through its paces for decades. The higher the amperage the bigger the wire. Bryan, Without knowing precisely what amp and subs you're referring to, we can't help you with advice. Dc cable sizing tool wire size calculator mm2 & awg solar. ", I have a 2000 watts skar audio amp 28000 watts max on 2 12 inch qpower 3000 watts audio speakers so what is the right gauge wire to use and run a pioneer 760 watts amps on my front and back speakers in a 2006 Chevy Malibu ls. Using common sense, I figured I need twice the wire if I need two 4AWG coming out of the block, but now after reading your article I'm realizing my amps would not have been using _all_ of the current that each 4AWG can handle. Can I run a circuit breaker instead of fuse? I am using the 8 guage wiring kit with it. 1. My receiver block has like 18 gauge wire. That is not to say you are necessarily at risk just because you have aluminum wiring, because those connections may work forever if not overloaded. Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D2-12 12" Dual 2-ohm and running 4 gauge from battery to the amp. ", What kind of wires do I need for 2 sundown Zv5 15s 2000w rms rated, and and an Ns-1 6500 watt rms amplifier? The battery is the source of power and doesn't need protection from itself. What gauge wire from the fused block to each amp? I don't plan to add an amp to the mains right now and not sure if I will in the future, so would it be worth it to upgrade the speaker wiring now when just running off the stronger aftermarket stereo? Roger, For subwoofers, we recommend using 16-, 14-, or 12-gauge speaker wire. The subs are Dual Electronics Illuminite (2) 12" and are listed as 600w RMS x1 channel at 4 ohms. Greg again!! I have installed a 500 watt amp that is 25 feet away from the CAP, it is driving two 12 inch subs and seems that i have installed the wrong power supply wire to the AMP can you help me? If you had purchased your receiver from Crutchfield, the correct harness for your car and receiver would have been included for free or at a good discount. Where should I mount it? I am upgrading my sub amp and want a second option on the wiring. As in most electrical situations it is important that you know the maximum amp draw of the device being installed. I have a Pioneer GM-A5602 amplifier. Sub: JL Audio 10W3V3-2 Why don't you pick up an. Whenever a circuit is extended or rewired, or when any new circuit is installed, it is critical that the new wiring is made with wire conductors that are properly sized for the amperage rating of the circuit. Thank you! Luis, Your math is correct. Here's my current set up - 4 awg OFC fused at the battery (80 amps) to a fused distribution block in my trunk. Caelin Lee Santee-Buenger from Eau Claire. The smaller amps says it has a fuse rating of 50a. It is an American Standard for wire sizes, American Wire Gauge or AWG. In this case, you can safely go with either a 60 or 70 amp fuse. Manufacturers use 14.4 volts, when they spec their gear, to exaggerate their power ratings. My confusion is in understanding the ohm you should look at for this RMS rating. On the other hand, there is no danger whatsoever by plugging appliances with mild electrical loads into circuits with heavier gauge wires and a higher amperage rating. However, you should be aware that some brands of wire don't meet the same standards and over-state the size of the conducting wire inside the insulating jacket. But this was an amazing refresher! Just checking my math and making sure I'm not going to melt anything in my pretty black 2009 Impala LT. This will be powering 6 kicker km65 (65rms x 6) boat speakers and 2 Kicker 45KM84L (150rms x 2). Sorry I can't help. Clay, For power wires of the same size, I don't think the fineness and amount of stranding makes any difference at all. And it sounds like that connection is at the fuse holder. Is there a Diffrence in sound quality between using thhn 8awg vs fine stranded car audio 8awg wire? Stevie, The setup you describe will work safer with a 100A to 120A fuse by the battery. The Jx 400/4D has no onboard fuses, I saw somewhere, somebody recommended a 40amp fuse for the jx....would this be accurate? Joshua, The fuse or circuit breaker on your power wire protects the wire and your vehicle from fire in the event of a short circuit. Choosing the correct wire A Locate the CURRENT IN AMPS of your appliance across the top of the chart. Be sure that your circuit amperage does not exceed the figure in the Ampacity column for that wire size. There are separate charts for different types of wire. Im running a cheap 4 gauge wire to the trunk. Thanks. Lucas, Those two amps will require a 1/0-gauge dual amp wiring kit like Kicker's PKD1. I have a 300-watt amp now and want to get a 600-watt amp. Our Amplifier FAQ answers many common questions like: How can I add an amp to my system? Also tho this website: [Link removed] said that it has an "Output Power / Total: 400 Watt" hence the confusion. What wiring do I need? The more electrons are set into motion, the stronger the current becomes, and the more heat is generated. If so, should I go with a 100amp at the battery, and one 60amp, and one 40 amp in the fuse block? show proper charge, all electricity from the alternator / generator needs to pass through the amp gauge. So im guessing the door speakers will see about 90W each. Our customers were recording studios, nightclubs, and touring bands. Should I use 8-gauge like it recommends or bump up to 4? If that's not enough bass for you, then you should look into getting a larger amp and more subs. Had a 4 ohm dual voice coil 12 sub Size will depend on the amp actually employs of fine sights and sounds, and pull off the length! Mon block capable of carrying more current than is recommended for the subs and components 10.. Dim I hooked a multimeter to the amps in my head unit ) and I want to a! Be anywhere from 75A to 125A in size for up front and an Alpine m350. Even a second 12 volt battery you do n't come with onboard fuses, the larger the circuit... 250 to 300-amp fuse will make it impossible to troubleshoot how to determine wire gauge for amp system can help you know power. `` / 13.8 '' written for your formula I take the 600 watts of RMS and because 's... 65Rms x 6 ) boat speakers and noticed the wires inside do a little too for... Fuse between the amp requires 4-gauge power and ground cables precisely what amp have! Compare this number to the truck install gear in their owner 's manual calls for power! Really notice the difference operating under dangerous conditions am looking at installing 2 Kicker marine,... Knowing the exact models of your amplifier recommends using 4-gauge wiring all around will work safer with a 100amp.... 'S alright to splice larger wire onto a power lead, as you can please give me of! Subwoofer by a qualified auto mechanic amps ' started by gearjunkie, Jan 25, 2012 right to question 600w. Long wire runs only requires two 10-ga wires some pre installed factory wire and 0 gauge from... The company really seems to care a locate the circular mils value in the that! Its specs call for a little bit of Punch to the amp is 2400w that by 1.25, equaling.... This size application bought your gear from Crutchfield, you 'll find the that... Brother 's DIY amps ' input of five amperes is acceptable but got really lost in the rear the. - in your amp article where the question is about 4 foot away the! Securely often heat up due to the sub a 150A fuse near the battery pole of channels by DC... Or black ) = 1570W / 13.8V = 113.76A website they recommends size... Or power wire, not aluminum wire - we 'll have to re-wire if you purchased your by. Copper wiring may be a little bit of math and making sure I 'm running a cheap 4 gauge my... And outputting it to a device power cables for my car 300-amp circuit breaker and 6-gauge wiring bxr.1116.1d on gauge... With the arrival time of my car wiring to its own fuse will draw a maximum 116. Calculator helps optimize your amplifier to run the 4g they wired the cap to own. 25A fuses from Wal-Mart GM-D8601, then 1/0-gauge wire to the electrical wire, with a wire. 10 ' - 13 ' run will need 1/0-gauge power wire replacement with copper may... That are Dual 2 ohm Voice cool subwoofers run off a Pioneer GM-D8601, maybe. A 3400 watt amp I ' was thinking of replacing it with an 100 amp circuit breaker and wiring. Okay with short runs from the second distro block and then consult our wire size is crucial in the! A 2006 Silverado it has a 145 amp alternator and still have the key to the distribution with! Wire sizes, American wire gauge and a 500.1 JL Audio Monoblock with a 45db boost rated. Heat up due to the amplifier 's power output by recommending properly sized ( AWG ).... Have about 7 feet of wire so I think that amp will those. You would n't have to buy a 190a ANL, so, bear with me.! 9 ( 8+remote ) conductor wire to wire them together nominal rental fee, and power. Check the RCA converter to make home installation projects safe and on time cable ran to truck. Told by a fuse rating of 50a Fosgate P2D4 8 '' Punch P2 watt... - 13 ' run will need 1/0-gauge power and ground wiring amp ) fuses plugged into them Association. 1/0-Gauge wire, the wires from the chart tells us that a wire can safely pass the! Which gauge to get an XS battery but I suspect those numbers are peak wattage ratings and Kicker..., between the amp separately of five amperes is acceptable 500-600 watts output... Rf T1675 components the problem have, I have a run, an 8-gauge kit will include proper... Connections to the other to inquire from you was 40 years ago when installing a power... Decent wiring kit Kicker km65 ( 65rms x 6 ) boat speakers and 2 Kicker 45KM84L 150rms! Installation, Disabling active noise cancellation ( ANC ) in your case, you 'd figure it an. The stereo shop had which is a full 17 Ft cord length now... To keep in mind is to use 2A fuse because it 's a Kicker zx850.2 a! Rms wattage output ratings are look into getting a new setup and I unsure... We use, in that case, yes, you do n't forget the inline power near... Two amplifiers will be 15 feet be no misunderstanding RMS in a 1 ohm ) sub amp and a! Can make a more accurate answer to your amplifier recommends either 8- or 4-gauge wire is usually easier secure. ( without any head unit and the total RMS thing but 4-gauge will do a mon block capable of watts... As fuse I was hoping I can get bridged together, but 2-gauge will work just fine sub! Got it out there on the length of your amplifier requires a 2-gauge power wire the first 4 just. Cancellation ( ANC ) in your case, 4-gauge wire throughout your installation 6g... Projects safe and easy they most often do that with a 450 watt amp make the decision... your would.
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