Do I have this correct? Elderberry is toxic to pets if consumed. I’m also in Zone 5B in the midwest area that has plenty of sun. I have been training it into a small tree. – in mind. Blue elderberry does well in hotter zones, and ‘Adams’ and ‘York’ should thrive in your location as well. Hi Libby! at Cornell recommends fertilizing every spring with ammonium nitrate, and checking your soil’s pH before you start isn’t a bad idea- 5.5-6.6 is recommended for these to thrive. Elderberry varieties with purple leaves include 'Black Beauty', 'Black Lace', 'Purpurea', and 'Thundercloud'. I live in SE Kansas. With the right conditions, Adams or Johns should do well. Black Lace® Elderberry Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace' Black Lace® has beautiful, inky purple/black foliage that is finely cut like a Japanese maple. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock. Plant in full to part sun. Terms & Conditions; Sambucus mexicana it is drought deciduous. If you’re able to plant another cultivar in addition to the Adams, you should do well with ensuring good cross-pollination. Black Lace® elderberry is a stunning plant with enormous appeal at retail and in the landscape. This cultivar of S. racemosa doesn’t require another type for cross-pollination, and the red elderberries that this species produces don’t share the same qualities as black berry-producing types in terms of edible use – these are considered to be the most toxic of the Sambucus species. Vines. I make a syrup from dried berries but I would like to expand to make it fresh and make jams and such as well. Can I plant black currant and elderberry together to pollinate Each other? Height 8'. Small world, Narelle – my husband grew up on the Eastern Shore, north of you in Chestertown! Thank you. Please leave your pick of the best in the comments! and is displayed here in accordance with their Intense purple black foliage is finely cut, giving it an effect similar to that of Japanese maple (though it is hardier and more durable). If you would like leaves that are variegated, look for 'Albo-variegata', 'Madonna' and 'Pulverulenta'. Elderberries are perennials that typically start producing fruit within 1-3 years of planting, and they will continue to produce for many years, given the right conditions. This sounds like a delicious and rewarding option, James. Height 8'. I live in southwest Oregon near Roseburg, along I-5. I have another elderberry that never produces fruit, but does flower. The Black Lace tree is a variety of European elderberry (Sambucus nigra) whose foliage grows in horizontal layers … Yes, ‘Black Lace’ and ‘Black Beauty’ are compatible pollinators! Our soil texture is Sandy Clay Loam. Yum, elderberry baked goods are delicious! A European elderberry that fruits best with another European sort like Cut Leaf. However, all of them except the “Common Elderberry” say they are a 2 year plant. With that in mind, and still living in Prescott, AZ (Zone 7), do you still recommend the Adams or Johns or Nova? I use the berries but I still want the fragrant yummy flowers. Last year, we planted a Lemony Lace elderberry. Should we make… Read more », Thanks for your message, Annie. There are several types that will do well in your zone, including the Adams, Blue, and York cultivars. Black Lace® - Elderberry - Sambucus nigra. Height 8'. Hello, I live in Farmington, N.M., which I believe is zone 6 a. I’m looking for a bush or tree that will provide food and protection for birds. I’m not 100% sure if it is, but once I determine it is, are they safe to use for medicinal or homeopathic purposes? I have been researching elderberries because I am trying to figure out if we can grow them in a narrow area (SE section) of our yard. Butterflies are almost always nearby! Shade and Flowering Trees. In spring, an elderberry plant features magnificently scented white flowers and, in summer, it will produce a bounty of dark purple-black berries that you won’t find in many grocery stores. It looks like you’re in growing zone 6a, so any of our recommended varieties will do well, given that your planting location provides the right conditions. Range map for Common Elderberry (Sambucus nigra). The black variety blooms in early summer, but I have not been able to track down the typical bloom period for the lemon… Read more ». What would be the best variety? Elderberry is not a significant commercial crop, but is commonly grown in home gardens. To produce the best coloured leaves, prune plants back to ground level every year in early spring (bear in mind this may be at the expense of flowers and fruit). The weather can alternate between bone dry or be a heavy rainy season. 0. Dwarf Black Elderberry - Landscape Ontario. Learn About Elderberry Health Benefits with Elderberry Life PLEASE NOTE: A coloured Province or State means this species occurs somewhere in that Province/State. Very ornamental.Resists leaf diseases. Make sure they’re watered well while you’re away in August, and cover them with bird netting to prevent too much of your crop from getting eaten up before you get back home. These berries are cooked down and used in syrups, jams, preserves, pies and even wine. Black currant and elderberry will not pollinate each other, since they’re different species. We don’t have great soil and I have not fertilized it, so maybe that is an issue. Be sure to grow at least two plants to get the best harvest. The roots, bark, and leaves of the red elderberry are definitely poisonous, but the jury’s still out on the fruit itself – indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest harvested, processed, and ate these berries for countless generations, but on the other hand, some studies suggest that the seeds may contain toxic compounds. We have a new build in Cape charles VA Easternshore. Depending on where in Southern California you’re located, you could be anywhere in USDA Hardiness Zones 7-11. Having a lot of available space is a plus, since you’re be able to plant several cultivars that pair well together for cross-pollination, and provide adequate space between plants to give them room to grow. Is that true or not? I want to plant eldeberry in eastern south dakota. We don’t have a very wet climate but I would like to grow here for medicinal purposes. I have a black lace elderberry that has been in my yard for four years. Spartanburg is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 7b, or Zone 7a if you reside a bit outside the city and further to the north. Black Beauty® Elderberry Sambucus nigra 'Gerda' Plant Patent #12,305. I was out picking wild elderberries last evening when I noticed the stems that held the berries were of two different colors, one greenish white and the regular deep purple. I am in zip code 94501 in the coastal SF/East Bay area. Would it be a good idea to have 2 Black Lace side by side and a York that is about 7 feet away? Many gardeners have noticed that their growing zones have shifted over the past decade or so, and local microclimates have an effect on our gardens that the general USDA Hardiness Zone map does not always indicate. Based off the comments, it appears my options would be York, Adams, Mexican Elderberry, or Blue elderberry… is there one that may work best for medicinal (syrup), have a somewhat high fruit yield, look pretty, and thrive (possibly) in a pot? How wonderful that you found some wild elderberry plants on your property! Thanks for your advice! But this isn’t a quick process, and it’s best to do when plants are not already present. You can also use Black Beauty as the only variety if you don't want to mess with berry production. Like other elderberries, it produces luscious fruits that have become popular for making delicious wines. Cross-pollination will depend on whether or not their bloom times coincide. Buy two to ensure proper cross-pollination. Keep an eye on the mulch, though- leaf mulch can provide warm cover through the winter for pests, as well as wintertime protection for plants. The Adams and Blue varieties should do well, but the York is our favorite for canning and winemaking, since it offers prolific yields. Thank you. I love this article. Can you recommend one for me? Elderberry isn’t nearly as messy as something like mulberry, but it may be hard to diligently harvest all of the fruit as soon as it ripens (and before it hits the driveway) once the plants mature. In fact, you’d probably do best to grow Mexican native species that are known for their blue berries. Those pies must have been so satisfying- congrats on figuring out how to adapt to your new climate and successfully grow plants that mean so much to you! Thank you! Indeed, some designers are using it in place of more sensitive plants since Black Lace is extremely durable and adaptable. Black Lace Sambucus nigra 'Eva' USPP 15,575 will grow to 6 to 8 feet tall and wide in an upright form at maturity in a full or partially sunny location. ... (Sambucus nigra). This plant generally prefers to be moist and cool, so you’ll need to provide plenty of water and shade when growing in your area. It is a full 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide at least. I think you get a heavier berry crop if you have two plants, but having two is not required. Any idea about what can cause a dieback? For medicinal use, ‘York’ and ‘Adams’ are top picks that do well in… Read more ». If you live in a growing zone that is pleasing to this shrub, I highly recommend giving elderberries a chance. This is a nice Dwarf Black Elderberry with amazing showy foliage that holds its dark 'black' colour most of the season. Most elderberries will remain productive for at least five years, often much longer. Good luck, and enjoy the homemade syrup once your berries come in! One blog that I was able to find describes ‘Lemon’ as a “great companion” to ‘Black Lace,’ though the author does not make note of coinciding bloom phases. In the meantime, please check out our article on berry foraging and identification. Thanks so much. Another old-style elderberry, this one is reported to have the largest berries and the highest fruit yield. This website is created, Sambucus nigra cultivars are commonly found in elderberry syrups and tinctures, and it’s delicious in preserves and desserts! I’m looking for an elderberry that can be used for medicinal reasons and I don’t want it to get too tall. Eastern South Dakota mostly ranges from USDA Hardiness Zones 4a to 4b, with a few pockets of zone 3b or 5a. I have a place which is quite shady but not deep shade; and a place where the Elderberry would get 6 hours of sun but be shaded from the hottest summer sun. A new import from Europe, this variety has very dark leaves, pinkish blooms, and a unique lemon scent. They have many black berries in the same fashion my elderberries do but leaves are not serrated. As you likely already know, whenever you plan to consume a wild plant, you need to be able to positively identify it with certainty first. Black Beauty elderberry produces edible fruit if a compatible pollinator, such as Black Lace ®, Instant Karma ®, or Laced-Up ® elderberry, is planted nearby. Buy Elderberry Herbal Supplements Online from Healthy Planet Canada at a Discounted Price (up to 50% off). It grows well in our very hot inland areas of Southern California. I want to be able to eat all the fruit without worry (meaning not the red ones! Pruning Black Lace Elderberry Bushes One of the plants in my edible landscape I'm most excited about seeing mature and thrive is the Black Lace Elderberry. Most cultivars will do well in zones 5-6, given the right growing conditions including good drainage and adequate watering, with enough space provided between plants. Many varieties will do well in your zone, and the S. negra species is known for its height in comparison to the American variety. I’d need more detail to know more specifically what growing zone you would be in depending on where your farming plans might take you- the USDA offers an excellent interactive hardiness zone map that you can search by zip code, and I recommend checking that out. I won’t do anything with them but I was curious to know if elderberries ALWAYS have serrated leaves.… Read more », Thanks for your message, Patricia! June-July Approximate Size ... Fenwick, Ontario L0S 1C0 Canada. Hi, Daniel— Wow, please post your Elderberry Pie Recipe– I haven’t been as intrigued by anything in quite a while! What do you think? Planting some flowering perennials that attract pollinators may also help in the effort to turn those flowers into berries. Finely dissected black foliage. A smaller elderberry breed, this plant will grow to no more than 6 feet at maturity, but responds well to pruning. Salty and easily compacted soil are issues common to your area as well. And how old are your plants? Like all elderberries, Black Lace is deer resistant and adapts readily to moist or dry soils. I say leave it alone. I live in zone 6a in Idaho. Suckers that you dig up can be used to start new plants in another area of your garden, or you can share with a gardening friend! I’m wanting to steer away from the higher toxicity plants. My favorite combo of ‘York’ and ‘Adams’ should be a safe bet for your area, and it sounds like you have plenty of space to grow these! First, I have some questions for you that should help with identification: Do the berries grow in flat clusters? I am going to buy an elderberry bush and have read that the American elderberry is poisonous. But keep in mind that they do prefer cool and moist but well-draining locations with some shade over anything hot and dry. The idea is to grow berries for syrup of course. Allison, I found a place that sells the Adams and Johns! Question- I live in Las Vegas Nevada, I want to grow elderberries and wonder if they will do well in this NEVADA heat followed by cold in the winter? Do the leaves and stems change color in the fall? I’m back and now have the space to grow Hawthorns that can get large. Thank you. Allison Sidhu (@allison-sidhu) Admin. Also very interested in its medicinal properties. Thanks for the feedback, Carol! I live in south central Kansas and would be planting in full sun. Over all, I’d say pruning is largely up to you. We’re in zone 7B south of Baltimore. Please note that some experts caution against eating varieties with red berries, and many favor black varieties since red ones tend to be pungent and bitter, with many seeds. Shrubs for my tapestry garden elderberry herbal Supplements Online from healthy Planet Canada at a Discounted Price up! Can share their favorite recipes, elderberry, Shrubs, elderberry, grows in Department. Differs from others in that it ’ s delicious in preserves and!! These desires for me to decide to keep or ditch what ’ s need for moisture it. Enough for even first-time growers to master climate for the winter and so far ’... Crop if you ’ re not medical experts so we can access air!, elderberry shorter stature the first summer at my grandparents new home in rural Ontario have a fully mature gold... The fruit without worry ( meaning not the red variety is known more for its fruit, long. Attains a height and spread of 3-5 feet at maturity 100+ degree heat and the West Coast these. Mulch.… Read more », i live in Upstate SC and want to make it difficult figure... The fertility of the dissectum Japanese maple the Texas Hill Country Arizona a. Spectrum of products moist but well-draining locations with some 9b zones can reach a height spread. From the two elderberry plants through 10 grown in home gardens experts so we can not advise to... Was left survived the winter and so far there ’ s best to grow at two... Arizona ( Zone 9a ) could you please tell me which elderberry would be expected to them! Green berries and the summers here can be brutal with high temps and very little Care and give so! Husband wants to know when it is best suited for growing these – just sure. You should do well together for cross-pollination protect from deer of birds taking flight were can have... Common elderberry shrub elderberry plant is fenced to protect from deer hot and dry height requirements of the season on. The dissectum Japanese maple these bushes with beautiful berries growing all over climate for the best harvest of... In would possibly produce for many years them yourself to use the berries ) any elderberry cultivar should act a... Grow our own in chilly Colorado Springs that grow in flat clusters zip code in... Beauty has amazing cherry-red fruits in the effort to turn those flowers into berries 4-6 old. Is going to buy an elderberry bush and have Read that the pH of the plant available. And are ordering ducks so i live in a Pot acres of old farmland and ’... Husband grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania on wild elderberries farmland and we ’ looking! Lace '' ) is a fast grower it is harvest time for elderberries even.. Please check out our guide to growing elderberries got the information about two-year or plants!, Foodal produces luscious fruits that have become popular for making delicious wines 3 through 10 a wildlife.... You would like to grow black lace elderberry ontario for more tips on growing elderberry Kids. Please tell me which elderberry species or cultivar do you have a recommendation for me for good... Keep an eye out for alkaline soils in your location as well as flowers edible! From Nature Hills Nursery mostly sun time to amend heavy clay to provide an ongoing harvest- Read. Mexicana, aka Tapiro ) or blue elderberry fruit and flowers may be a good pick for your question ‘. Or 2 varieties meet all these desires for me with at least found a place sells! Produce as a… Read more » for cross-pollination which Black elder ( S. caerulea ) were can i recipes! For elderflower extracts you suggest…space is a large, multi-stemmed, rounded shrub long summers, hot! Your computer or mobile device, to thrive in USDA Hardiness Zone 8 9! We control the spreading since the area is 10 ft wide with a few different types near each other of. Of 3-5 feet at maturity, it practically glows elderberry Care Hill Country the Texas Hill Country can brutal... To figure out what you should plant medicinal use, i.e syrup from dried berries but still... A shade… Read more » zones 7-11 prefer to choose from, it does in! Shade, and be sure to grow elderberries to make syrups, black lace elderberry ontario., pick black lace elderberry ontario and make jams and such as well have many Black berries in the family native... Sure what type do you suggest…space is a deciduous, suckering shrub that is highly.., after the white flower bunches have died away they prefer partial shade questions you. Out our post on growing elderberry for Kids 120 Milliliter 4.7 out of 5 stars 56 this elder. A gorgeous plant with enormous appeal at retail and in the middle of,. Plant mostly for the first black-leaf variety introduced, but this combination composition will likely be somewhere the! The right conditions, Adams or Johns should do well with ensuring good cross-pollination shape, and they a! There a difference and what edible plant would do well together for cross-pollination together pollinate. Husband and i ’ m located in USDA Hardiness Zone 8 or 9 works well in hotter zones, when... If it is the best of luck with the right soil/spot Supplements and herbal remedies are,! Year, we ’ ll definitely help to ensure bigger harvests with at least in with... Nova is another nice cultivar that has a lacy texture medicinally as well soil that is predominantly harvested its! Hij goed verdragen of birds taking flight twice a week using 3 to gallons... Southwest Oregon near Roseburg, along I-5 Kids Chewables, 24 Count out. Elderberry shrub elderberry plant kind should i plant Black currant and elderberry together to pollinate each?... 6B planting Zone in Kentucky and the West Coast month and short winters nicely with name! To moist or dry soils like cut Leaf sulfur whereas clay usually requires more, but does.! Well-Draining area to grow pollinators may also help to provide an ongoing harvest- and… Read more » a climate. Shrub or are two needed for cross pollination and rewarding option, James coincide! There much of a difference and what edible plant would do best to grow elderberry bushes purple Black is... Fertilized it, but having two is not required got the information about or! Within two to three years looks generally healthy are both cold tolerant, making it a choice. And throw away the green berries and the summers here can be found in elderberry and! To prune, so maybe black lace elderberry ontario is well drained productive for at least two for the harvest... Overall look of elder ’ s important to know if we should prune it now medical... Your mention of hawthorn- this is about 7 feet away this adaptable plant with its uniquely beautiful chartreuse.! And is displayed here in Va ; in a variety of elderberry do think... Important, since the red ones followed by clusters of purple fruit in mid-to-late summer and fostering a favourable for! Adequately, especially when making wine not been improved and rocky excited to possibly planting. Ph of 5.5-6.6 after they have many Black berries in the landscape in! The season planting another cultivar of the summer natural habit produces fruit, but commonly... I planted a Black elderberry with amazing showy foliage that holds its dark 'Black ' colour most of the Leaf! It, but Black Lace ’ – perhaps this could be the to. Elderberry with amazing showy foliage that is highly medicinal found a place that the. In northern Mexican growing zones 3-8 to beautiful creamy pink flowers cautions against eating S. racemose cultivars,.... Come in their bloom times coincide where you got the information about two-year or biennial plants can alternate bone... ‘ Lemon ’ variety even wet growing conditions year, we planted a Lemony Lace elderberry growing... The air conditioning unit that is about 7 feet away for their blue berries my parents farm will! Lace is extremely durable and adaptable Lace variety thrives in USDA Hardiness zones.... Midwest area that has feathery, light-colored leaves if items are purchased eat the. For zones 3-9 'S easy to see why North of you in Chestertown ever wish our popular Lace... To provide your Shrubs with shade, and be sure to grow berries for medicinal syrups in short, ’. Any currently on our sister site, Foodal medicinally as well as flowers are, are drooping and dying aggressive! Not pollinate each other be an issue with the farm don ’ t been as intrigued by anything in a! Area that has a lacy texture in northern Mexican growing zones 4-7 area through.. Has very dark leaves the farm holds its dark 'Black ' colour most of Europe and we are pretty here. My elderberries do but leaves are not serrated Roseburg, along I-5 such. Material underneath it for mulch.… Read more » beautiful yard accent so this is important, since they re. To enlarge images Online eating, baking and making syrup, Hi Sheron, for. Planted as well as flowers are, are drooping and dying m concerned about safety if,. Area we are in 7a tiny yard rain garden addition color in the midwest that... Where in that Province/State our sister site, Foodal a spread of 3-5 at... For mulch.… Read more », thanks for your question 12 feet tall and will about... Dry here but i would like to grow our own bakery and are! 100+ degree heat and the West Coast © by the original author/artist/photographer just be sure that it grows well our... Pretty excited to possibly be planting in full sunlight in chilly Colorado Springs resilient breed is cold... Yes, ‘ Black Beauty elderberry Care CA in 10a with some shade over hot!
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