This guitar has many quality features and it’s a joy to play for classic rock, alternative rock, and similar musical styles. This eye-catching Ibanez needs to be heard. The neck and fret board are crafted from maple. The body has a larger C-shape cutaway for maximum comfort on the high frets. We didn’t pick the most popular or the best-selling all the time, just the models that are incredibly highly-reviewed amongst our peers. But its high-quality appointments and exceptional playability make it an ideal electric guitar under $1,000. Some users have noted the guitar sounds are tinny and stuffy. Which ones fit the bill? The neck is a slender 5-piece maple and walnut composite Super Wizard neck. This new Telecaster has Shawbucker pickups, which gives a little more crunch and depth to the tones. If you want the strat look with some more modern shredder features, check out the recently release Tom Morello Strat. You might need someone to pinch you, but you’re definitely not dreaming. Some parts of this guitar, including the headstock binding, has gold hardware meant to give this ESP guitar a vintage flair. This guitar is usually available for under $1,300. The only negative on this particular model is the taller frets, which only one reviewer said was a deal breaker for him. Some say other pickup brands outshine the ones included with this Ibanez guitar. Don’t let the price fool you, the ESP LTD Deluxe is made for professional musicians, and the guitar brand says as much. Some may have a hard time getting use to the flat 20 inch fretboard radius. It looks amazing with a flame top sunburst on an ash body, DiMarzio Twang King neck and Chopper T. pickups. You get TonePros TOM components with your purchase, which prevent the tailpiece and bridge from moving. For instance, you get the B60 vibrato tailpiece from Bigsby, Pearloid thumbnail fingerboard inlays from Neo-Classic, nuts from Graph Tech NuBone, and a headstock that makes this guitar look like something out of the ‘50s. Master builder John Page created an ergonomic guitar that can handle any tone with comfort. Second in our trio of PRS Paul Reed Smith SE guitars is the PRS SE Custom 24. Fender made sure to keep the vintage tones that we all love with a newer, sleeker body for better playability. Then we’ve got a nice companion piece, the Sterling by Musicman JP70 seven-string electric guitar. If you have a few more dollars to put towards a new electric, check out our review on the top picks for electrics under $1000! We'll explore all genres and styles of play. Richie Kotzen is an incredible musician. John Holloway This allows you to keep your intonation and action the way you put it, making your tones more sustainable and pleasing on the ears. Ritchie Blackmore is the composer behind everyone’s first learned riff, Deep Purple's “Smoke on the Water”. Besides Fender, Les Paul is the cream of the crop in terms of guitar brands. I love recording music and filming guitar covers and I occasionally post them on YouTube. Aspirational brands like Gibson and Gretsch and high-value guitars like American-made … Within our $1,500 budget, we can deep dive into some of the most revered guitars in the industry. The reviews are through the roof, with such comments as “Dream Guitar” and “Plays like a dream. This is my As with all Ibanez guitars, playability is the name of the game. Seriously, take one look at this bad boy and it seems like it should be priced at twice, maybe even thrice its actual cost. If you are a humbucker player, Fender also makes this stratocaster in HH and HSS pickup configurations for more versatility. Your playing will take flight as well. The Yamaha Pacific has a smooth, lightweight body made of alder wood. Doing other drop tunings besides drop C may take some time and finagling. Best Picks: Electric Guitars under $3,000. This guitar can usually be found for under $1500. The following 15 electric guitars are the best of the best for under $1,000: Schecter Hellraiser C-1; Fender Classic Series ‘50s Stratocaster; Yamaha Pacific PAC611HFM; Fender American Special Telecaster; ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB Electric Guitar; Epiphone Les Paul Custom Classic Pro – Limited Edition; PRS Paul Reed Smith SE … It’s no wonder ESP says this is one of their best-selling guitars. It's a tapered neck that is very comfortable to play. It’s no wonder Ibanez themselves call this bridge a masterpiece. Plus, think of all the street cred you’ll get when you walk around with this recognizable, beloved guitar. Read More About: Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under 300 I hope, you will never mind reading the review of an acoustic-electric guitar in the list of a different one. Certain users have noted the guitar plays incredibly stiff, probably due to the way the bridge is set (which some claim is too high). This company is well-known for the great overall quality of its instruments, and this one is no exception. This is an American made guitar well under our budget, usually coming in at under $1,200. Best Electric Blues Guitars: The pickup selection offers three positions that all go through an active “Push-Push” boost switch at 12 decibels. Don’t get us wrong; we love some bass, but not when you don’t want it. This limited-edition electric guitar will blow everything you’ve used to this point out of the water. The Grover locking tuners get held in place with Graphtec nuts so you’re free to tune this guitar to your liking. The controls have been upgraded, now letting you toggle the master volume treble bleed circuit. Sounds as good as it looks.” High Praise from your fellow internet players makes this sound like a good deal. We will start our list of best acoustic guitars under $1500 with the most common, dreadnought shape and among guitars of this type, the Blueridge BR240A is definitely a great choice. It’s super comfortable and clearly built with shredders in mind. What if we told you it’s possible to nab a great guitar for less than four figures? With that said, here are a couple of standouts for me for the best 7 string guitars in the $1500 range: Schecter Banshee Elite-7 FR-S 7-String ESP LTD EC-1007 Eclipse Evertune 7-String Ibanez RGA71AL Axion But that day did come. This guitar is a metal musician’s best friend, giving you the vicious kind of aural attack you crave. They are great for practicing, in the studio, or as a touring guitar., We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed Not only will you sound good playing these - you'll look good too! The included Sterling by MusicMan padded gig bag makes it easy to do just that. The fingerboard is made of rosewood with unique scalloped frets for better note control. The Nitro Wizard neck from Bubinga, three pieces, is made of sturdy maple. The design and playability are nearly identical to the original but at one-third of the price. Now, let’s scan the nuts and bolts of this instrument. Fender's Stratocaster and Telecaster models are perhaps the best known single coil-equipped guitars ever. With the Telecaster, you get the classic twang sound that you would expect. 1. I have had too many great experiences with Guild guitars. This is another Amazon’s Choice pick, but despite that, you can still nab this guitar for under $1,000. Others mention the guitar does not arrive with the right action, enough that a pro might have to fix it for a fee. The pickups promote better low and high-end extension as well as provide more clarity to your guitar sound. You’ve got your pick of these colors for the PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24: Trampas Green, Fire Red Burst, or Tobacco Sunburst. Some say the colors aren’t quite as they appear online, with the red a much brighter hue. You’re picking up songs left and right. The fretboard should hold up, too, even if you’re a vigorous guitar player. They also note how you’ll have a better feel and tone with this guitar than maybe ever before. Try the Fender Player Stratocaster for funky vibes or the Vintera Telecaster for fuller-bodied rhythm and biting country twang tones. Gretsch included plenty of premium features that belie the true price of this fantastic guitar. Fender Squier CV 50 Stratocaster. I’m here to help you find a great guitar at a medium price. The S2 body is mahogany, the neck is maple and fingerboard is rosewood accented with the classic bird in flight insignia. The Majesty was designed from the ground up to be the perfect guitar for John Petrucci’s playstyle. This stunner of a guitar includes some features that will make it feel like you entered a time machine and walked out straight into the 1950s. This guitar is available for under $1,400. Check out the video below to get an idea of the variety of tones you can get from this guitar. While styles and models differ, the working principles are the same. The result is a strong sound. Best Classical Guitars Under … This guitar is an eye-catching marvel. Next, we’ve got yet another guitar you won’t believe costs less than $650, the Yamaha Pacific PAC611HFM. Some have mentioned the neck could have been made better, though. Check out this video to hear it's sound, and bonus points if you can figure out what is going on when they show the player switching pickups. Best electric guitars under $2,000: buying advice. It’s the Schecter Hellraiser C-1. The sound on this guitar is much fatter than a traditional Telecaster thanks to the Shawbucker pickups. The maple neck includes a beautiful rosewood fingerboard and has a finish with tinting. Playing on Music Man guitars is addicting, as they just make you want to shred. This guitar has two treble bleed knobs that allow you to keep the high end clarity while reducing the volume. The hardware is all-round excellent and the Ovation-designed electronics are pro-grade, with versatile controls and output, and a rich, robust sound worthy of stage performances. Reviewers state this is the most underrated telecaster on the market. The Hellraiser series of guitars from Schecter has been a favorite of guitar players since 2006. There’s pretty much nothing else bad to say about this guitar, except maybe it could come in more colors. It has been manufactured by Fender since 1954 and is the best-selling guitar in the world. Seriously, just look at this guitar. The Pacific line of guitars has been a Yamaha mainstay since 1990. To finish of this list of immaculate instruments, we’ll touch on two extremely popular, well-reviewed signature instruments from the greatest guitar players on earth. This one might be your favorite of the three, as it has a lot going on that’s different compared to the other two guitars we presented to you. Just tell your wife it's like buying 2 guitars for the price of one! It’s a lot more modern than some of the other guitars we’ve covered thus far, but that’s not a bad thing at all. If you see an electric guitar in film and television, it is very likely a Stratocaster. The bridge, middle, and neck with a single-coil will make you feel like a retro rocket as well. The first is the brand’s Majesty. The locking tuners include a peg hole with a diameter of 10 millimeters as well as threaded peghead brushing, removable knobs, and a 19:1 gear ratio. The S series guitars have extremely thin bodies, meaning you’ll be able to play for long sessions without any fatigue. Buying the best electric guitar for your needs requires a good bit of research before you hit your local music store. You won’t ever hear any muddiness in the mid-range frequencies with these pickups, even at high gain. They offer insanely good clarity and articulation, even at high gain. This guitar has ProBucker open-coil humbuckers for reducing that unwanted interference. As part of the impressive Pro-Mod Series, this guitar has a classic look ala a Fender but at a reasonable price tag of less than $900. The Ibanez Genesis Collection RG550 guitar comes in the following colors: Road Flare Red, Desert Sun Yellow, White, and Purple. Probably THE classic among electric guitars, if not the first. Don’t worry about the price, as the SE 245 is available for under $750. The first guitar we’ve got here is an absolute beauty. This lightweight guitar clocks in at only nine pounds, which makes it as easy to use as it is fun. The bridge and neck pickups are both courtesy of DiMarzio Fusion Edge, and boy, will you notice the difference. The beautiful gradient in either blue or purple makes this guitar as gorgeous to look at as it is to play. Wrong. Now you’ve decided you want to move on up in the guitar world. The coil tapping feature allows you to select single or humbucker tones from each pickup position. The color selection is great, too, as you have options like Trans Purple Burst, Trans Green Burst, Pearl White, and Black Metallic. Few would’ve thought that a day would come when Paul Reed Smith’s mighty Custom 24 electric guitar would make its way to the masses. Though the HP version will run you over $1500. It is pretty high, while fit and finish … 16 Best Electric Guitars under £1000. You are prepared to buy a more expensive one. Undoubtedly, one of the top factors is price. Am American made Telecaster for under $1,000? Many guitar players on their way to becoming pro look for the best acoustic guitar under $1500. When you have figureheads such as Slash and Jimmy Page playing your instrument, it’s fair to say people will always seek out a vintage Les Paul model. You can also choose from two styles right off the bat: the standard guitar or one designed for lefty players. In the words of John Page, "I was shooting for a richer, more complex tone. Here is a rad video review by an awesome youtuber PDX Guitar Freak. That’s because it has a fatter and wider neck than you traditionally see with Les Paul style guitars. The unmistakable V-shaped neck adds body and character to this Strat. Like the previous Stratocaster, this Telecaster has been modernized for a new generation of guitar players. Others say the screws may strip and the knobs might come off with a bit of use. Any of them would make an excellent upgrade to an existing guitar, or as an addition to your collection. In this guide, I will talk about how to find the best electric guitar under 1000 dollars. There’s no better time to be in the market for a guitar. You already know what music you want to play so we'll narrow things down a little more. It has a black top maple body accented with gold pickup, tailpiece and volume knobs. Along with the Tele and Strat, The Les Paul is a guitar that just won’t go away. Available in such hues as Gloss White (plain white with a shiny finish), Gloss Black (plain black with a shiny finish), and Black Cherry (burgundy with a tiger stripe-like pattern), you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. The Best Electric Guitars Under $500 These are the best budget friendly electric guitars starting from just $110. That’s a decision only you can make. Now, “majesty” is a word that has come to mind with a lot of these guitars, but we think this one should have been nicknamed something more cutting. The impeccable build quality and gorgeous neon colors really made this guitar stand out from the pack. These include Translucent Purple, Tobacco Brown Sunburst, Light Amber Burst, Dark Red Burst, Root Beer, Caramel Brown Sunburst, Solid Black, and Translucent Black. You’ve gone from string names to open chords to barre chords and diminished chords. There are so many factors that will influence which electric guitar you buy: looks, sound, features, brand familiarity. Privacy Policy, See more guitarists that made the Flying V Famous, Squier Bullet Say you’ve already bought your first guitar and you love it. The guitar is loud before you even plug it in. The back pickup is a reverse-wound Seymour Duncan SSL-4 pickup. For the purposes of this list, we’ll skip over the entry-level market because, while there are some superb models in that bracket (and we have buyer’s guides looking at the best electric guitars for beginners and the best acoustic guitars … You have your pick of three colors, Fairlane Blue, Aspen Green, or Orange Stain. Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. The curvy body in historic styling stays true to the Les Paul brand. The narrow tall frets make those string bends easy to do while also giving just a touch more space between the frets for forming chords. As if that wasn’t enough to love, there’s even more. Check out the video below to hear the range of sounds this guitar can cover. This telecaster is what Fender came up with. While you wish you could find an amazing electric guitar for under $1,000, this seems like little more than a dream, right? The last of the guitars in the PRS Paul Reed Smith SE trio we recommend is the PRS SE 245 electric guitar. $1,500 is an ideal amount to spend on a guitar. You also get pull and push tone control on the knobs and a volume knob as well. The PRS S2 has a contoured body with an added wide fat neck for maximum fret availability. You'll find Grover tuners, and 22 medium frets on the Flying V. The Flying V has been a style choice of Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Davies and Albert King. The neck interaction with the body is critical in achieving this complexity, as are the material choices and electronics. A great guitar doesn’t mean an expensive guitar. The Best Electric Guitar under $1000 – Buyers’ Guide & Reviews. You’ve got some experience and now looking for the best guitars to improve your skills! Around back, we’ve got tough mahogany while the top wood is maple with a quilted maple veneer. In fact, the Classic Series ‘50s Stratocaster costs under $850. 2020 While you may think the only way you can get a guitar for under $1,000 from the likes of Ibanez, Fender, Gretsch, or Yamaha is if you bought a used one, that’s not quite true. Now you have a clear understanding that you like playing the guitar. Reviewers have stated this guitar brings everything you expect out of a premium Gibson. He is an avid Gretsch player and is known for his raunchy, in your face tone. The entire thing has a gloss urethane finish so your guitar is sure to shine like new for years to come. Everyone has a different style and it’s not always unanimous what the best guitar is. Another huge name in guitars that you can own for less than $875 is a Gretsch. Then your choice is immense as every manufacturer seems to have a number of quality guitars in the £750 to £1000 price range, which features solid, semi and hollow body models.
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